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Getting into the Creative Flow

You have an idea and you think about it non stop.

You take the first step and start working on that idea..

Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle and other times you hit the peak and flow until the next dip.

But pretty soon, you’re working on the middle to end result of your idea.

Your not just in the beginning stages any more.

You’ve moved through the beginning and now your idea is coming to life.

And then soon after that, it’s fully alive.


And your thriving.

And everything is in alignment

and work no longer seems like work.

Your work is all the things your passionate about in life. 

And then the creativity is unstoppable.

Take the first step.

Starting is better than perfection.

There are no steps after the first step.

Only your own motivation and creativity.

Produce and share. As is. On repeat.

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