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Choose You

Love has to do with the soul

Fear has to do with the personality

The choice between them is your responsibility.

Every moment of your life, you get to choose.

Do you trust enough to choose love.

Why do you keep choosing fear, or self doubt, or second guessing?

The road to inner peace is messy. But it starts with Loving and Trusting YOURSELF.

Let's start there. One little step at a time. Breath in. Breath out. Listen to silence when you have the opportunity. Tune out. Like really tune out and then TUNE IN.

Tune in to your breath. Tune in to your heart beat. Tune into your dreams.

Pick one small piece of the dream and DECIDE right now that it's going to be yours.

Make it obtainable.

We can always have the big dream, but there are stepping stones in between.

What is your first stepping stone?

Choose that.

Choose love, and practice choosing the essence of your soul.

I'm going to give you a real life side note.

I have put off writing and sharing for so long because of a busy schedule with 4 kids, because of work, because of time, because it's not good enough, because it's not finished, because, because, because...

The road to inner peace is messy and if the people I follow hadn't shared, I'm not sure I would have gotten here myself. So if a little of my messy peace can inspire you... then it's worth it.

Let's choose you together. Underneath the burden's you carry heavily in your heart, is an empowered soul waiting to have the courage to shine again.

Will you choose your internal power? Will you choose to believe in yourself? Will you choose to take the next small step to ignite your soul-fire?

I encourage you to...

Choose the stepping stone to obtain your dream

Choose messy peace over fear, self doubt and chaos.

Choose YOU just the way you are right now.

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