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YOU are the only person that can get you to where you want go.

Did you know there is nothing difficult about gaining CLARITY in your life?

It takes insight, a willingness to be open to new things, and motivation to create a new habit of doing your soul work on a consistent basis.

YOU are the only person that can get you to where you want go.

With drive, commitment, and self awareness - you can do ANYTHING.

One of my favorite stories is about one of my best and longest friendships.

When my husband and I lived in Florida, he would visit us at least once a month. He loved traveling but didn’t do it very often, he was an adventurer, but didn’t venture beyond his limits and other peoples expectations of him. He was known as the funny guy, the drunk with a heart of gold.

Luckily, I knew him in a very different light.

My little family, of husband and 2 boys at the time decided to move back to my home town. BFF lived down the street from house. Every night he would come to read the boys stories and put them to bed.

He loved how easily we had moved around from state to state over the years. He longed for it but he had a list of 50 reasons why “he couldn’t.”

Every night after the kids went to bed we would talk about it. With every block he had, I had reasons of why and HOW he could.

We talked about this daily for about 6 months - each time he came over, he had a specific block, and each time I would bust through that block and give him insight to the other side and how he COULD move and do the things his heart and soul were longing to do.

Long story short - at the end of our sessions which ended up to be about 6 months, he moved to California. Within a few months he landed his dream job working on set design in the entertainment industry.

Within 2 years he got married to his beautiful wife and her 2 little girls.

Day after day of empowerment talks and breaking through blocks, his insight and rewiring his mind to BELIEVE in HIMSELF allowed HIM to make a choice to change his life.

Anything is possible, and it’s not as hard as you think it might be.

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