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Everyone has the potential to be the best they can each and every day.

What are the first things you think of when you wake up in the morning? Do you spend any time connecting to yourself and setting the tone of how you want your day to go or do you wake up and hit the floor running - straight into the daily grind?

I remember when my kids were babies and toddlers - taking any time for my own thoughts was nearly impossible.


Today I can easily take 10 minutes to myself to daydream and envision how I want my day to go but a few years ago it was impossible to take that much time for my own thoughts.


I'm laughing and cringing as I say that - imagine it being hard to take 10 minutes to yourself?! But that’s the truth! My kids were new born, 2, 3, and 4-1/2 just a few short years ago. If you have toddlers or babies right now, you may be living this as well.

But even during that extremely hectic time in my life, I did manage to find 5 - 10 seconds throughout my day to re-align my energy if I was starting to lose my patience or feel overwhelmed. (And with 4 kids ranging from newborn to toddler, overwhelm was a DAILY part of my life.)


I spent a few seconds here and there stretching and writing, and doing whatever it took to get my energy back into alignment and flow.


All this time, I had assumed everyone does this and spends time thinking of these things and doing what it takes to realign your energy throughout the day. 🤔


One day I asked a friend if that is what everyone does because - duh why wouldn’t they - and she said NO!!!!!!!!

There is a large percentage of people that have no idea how to think this way. It’s simply not in their programming.

OMG. How and whyyyyyy not?????


But I get it.


(I think.)


The majority of people wake up and live outwardly with their focus on what needs to be done throughout the day - trying to meet expectations and check shit off the list.


You wake up and hit the ground running. Maybe you take some time to scroll mindlessly through your phone and then go straight into answering all the requests and demands of your kids or co-workers. If you commute to work, you are either on the phone or listening to music, blocking out the whispers of your soul. You can’t hear them because you keep yourself so busy outwardly, never checking on your inner compass.




In today’s day and age, that is never going to sustain you in good health mentally or physically.


Everything about this age is outward living. Everything in today's world takes us away from our inner selves.


This type of living is creating stress, overwhelm and anxiety BECAUSE we are traveling further and further away from learning our soul's purpose.


If you aren't exploring your soul's purpose, there is no way for you to know yourself. And if you don't know yourself, there is no way for you to trust yourself - which is exactly where general anxiety stems from.


When you are deeply rooted in confidence, there is no place for anxiety to grow.


You need to make time and commit to a practice of mindfulness and peace. Especially if you want peace, ease and flow in your life.


How will you ever obtain it if you’re not making it a practice?


And that’s exactly what it is. It’s a PRACTICE.


Practicing a life of peace and mindfulness and living from your core soul desires isn’t something you can be good or bad at. It’s a PRACTICE.


And like I mentioned above, this practice can be done in increments of seconds through out the day.


So what are you waiting for?

Remember life happens when you make it happen.

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