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Welcome to 'Receive!'

A 7-day program to release negative blocks that are keeping you stuck!
Learn how to uncover the thoughts behind your blocks to clear them out once and for all.

DAY 1    DAY 2    DAY 3    DAY 4    DAY 5    DAY 6    DAY 7

DAY 1    DAY 2    DAY 3    DAY 4    DAY 5    DAY 6    DAY 7

We Are Coming

Day One


We are going to dive straight into this program. Today, I have 2 simple assignments for you to get started on.

#1 Decide what you want to call into your life.

What has you feeling stuck? Are you looking for a job? To add income? A fulfilling relationship? More inner peace?

Think about it in detail and sort out EXACTLY WHY you want it.
(Be specific!)


What good will it do you for you?
What good will it do for others?

#2 Think about the doubt, fear and resistance that is around it.

(Obviously there IS some sort of doubt, fear and resistance because if there weren't, you would already have this particular thing, yes?)

Think about all that you have in your life. And think about how you got it.
You decided on it.
There was no fear or resistance around it.
You simply decided you were going to have it and so it is.

That doesn't mean you didn't work HARD for things.

Of course you did! This is LIFE.

And perhaps you worked through fear, blocks, and resistance for some of the things you have today, but once you did, you obtained what you wanted.

That is growth.

When it come to up-leveling in life, whether it is around money, or healthier relationships with a partner, or within ourselves, we must uncover what the resistance is that is holding us back.

If you don't already have what you want, or you aren't already at a level that you want to be at in your life, there is a REASON. We will work to uncover that reason and also work to dissolve it.

So, for today, think about what you want. Remember, it must be energetically aligned to you.

For example -
You may want an extra $1 million dollars this month. (Who doesn't?!)

Ask yourself is this obtainable?
Are you working in a position that you REALLY could make an extra $1 million dollars this month?

Hmmm, I'm guessing for many of us this may be a stretch. Meaning it is NOT energetically aligned.

What amount feels right? Could you make an extra $3000? Or an extra $300?

Or you may want more peace in your relationship?

Ask yourself - is this something that both parties are open to and willing to work on? If the answer is no than this is not energetically aligned to you and a more energetically aligned calling may be to find more peace within YOURSELF.

Does that make sense?

Grab a notebook and today, spend a few minutes writing down what you want to call into your life.

Get ready to break down some energetic barriers and learn about the flow of receiving.

Day 1
Day 2

Day 2


By now you should have given some thought to what you would like to call into your life.

You can certainly have more than one goal, but as we go along don't be afraid to shift focus to one goal at a time if you feel your alignment shifting. Go with the flow. That is key.

Once you learn these techniques, they can be used over and over again when you have the desire to call something into your life.

Today I want you to write down exactly what you want to call in with as many details as you can.


How will it serve others? How will it serve you?
What positive changes will occur if you had this in your life?

Who would you be?

What would change for you personally?

How would you act?


Write as many details as possible.

Next, make 2 columns on a sheet of paper.
At the top of the first one you will write EXCUSE.
At the top of the second column, write RESISTANCE or LIMITING BELIEF.

Write down WHY you haven't called this particular goal into your life yet. Assign each reason to a column... Excuse or resistance/limiting belief.

For example, "I don't have the time" is an excuse.

"I'm not good enough,"  is a limiting belief.

Time may feel like a valid excuse because there are definitely times in our lives that we DON'T have the time - BUT on the other hand, there is ALWAYS time for what really matters.

If someone called you today and said you won $2 million dollars but you had to drive 2 hours away to pick it up within the next 24 hours... I would bet that you would find the time to do that!

When our plates are FULL, life can deliver us something that could put us over the edge. Typically it's something that will need to be incorporated into our already busy schedules... and some how we expand and find the time.

Now take a minute to think about resistance and blocks. This is going to require some reflecting.


Think about your childhood and who surrounded you as you were growing up. Think about all the many different voices, points of views and situations you lived through.

Limiting beliefs mainly stem from our upbringing. That statement is NOT placing BLAME on ANYONE that brought you up. There is no reason to feel guilt around your thoughts.

When we are children, we are impressionable. We take people's word for what they are telling us. We TRUST, because why would we NOT?

If you're parents are telling you that money doesn't grow on trees
and your grandparents are telling you that you can have anything you want in the world, and the neighbor is telling you that money is what makes us happy
but your teachers are telling you money doesn't buy happiness...

You may have ended up with financial blocks. Think about when you were little and how the people in your treated money? Was it an issue? Was it talked about? Was their lack or an abundance? Was it respected? Was it given away freely to help others?

These are ALL important thoughts to think about and sort out, not just around money, but around any area of your life.

Think about the types of relationships that were modeled for you as you were growing up. Was there respect? Disrespect? Love + laughter? Yelling + anger? Distance? Closeness? Abuse of any type? Deceit?  Trust?

Through our life stories we build limiting beliefs that we may not realize exist until you start to put things under a microscope.

What was modeled for us as we grew up can affect deep parts of our main energy centers such as our self-esteem, ability to love, security, inner strength, etc.


What does success look like to you?
How would success impact you positively?
How could success impact you negatively?

If you TRULY believe you are worthy of success - these beliefs must be at the core level with NO DOUBTS interfering.

Most of us have doubts.

We ALL have a voice of self sabotage and fear that speaks up to try to knock us down.

EVERYONE has this negative voice. Even the MOST successful people. In fact their self-sabotaging voices are probably LOUDER.

(Tomorrow we will explore that alot more!)

1. Start a journal.
2. Get clear on what you would like to call in and WHY.
3. Get clear on the things that are holding you back... Self limiting beliefs / resistance? or Excuses?

Tomorrow we'll begin part one of clearing our limiting beliefs! I can't wait!


Day 3


Today we are exploring self-limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs turn into limiting decisions.

Think about how many times you have repeated the same pattern in your life.

Now think about the excuses you have made up around it.

"I work too much to have a relationship."
"I've never been good at saving money."
"I've always had terrible luck."
"Men can't handle strong women like me, so I'm good alone."
"Women only want men with money."
These thoughts aren't truths. They are only beliefs.

There are so many ways we can justify what hasn't worked out for us.

JUSTIFYING it makes it acceptable in our minds.

"Anything you say to yourself to justify why it isn’t working out for you is a limiting belief." - Dr. Matthew James

Think about a situation in your life that is causing you negative emotions. It could be  financial, finding a healthy relationship, the right type of work.... etc.

What are all of your negative emotions saying?
What is anger saying?
What is anxiety saying?
What is fear saying?
What is disappointment saying?

You may hear them saying
"my life isn't fair!" or
"I'm not strong enough!" or
"I had an unhealthy upbringing so I'll never find a healthy relationship!" or
"What will people think of me?"

Now that you've thought about it and brought some of your inner-belief-blocks to the forefront, you can see in more detail what exactly they are.

They don't always show themselves front and center! Sometimes you  have to dig for them.

Here are a few ways to begin to release them...


Write it down. Journal about it from your core. Acknowledge all the emotions and negative thoughts surrounding it and realize these are all just beliefs. NOT truths.


We often feel that are limiting beliefs ARE REAL. We sometimes believe they define us. Take a day or two to decide if you are going to continue to let them DEFINE you or if you are going to REDEFINE them.

Remember, you are the CREATOR of your thoughts. Your thoughts don't CREATE you.


Change that self limiting belief into a belief that is more energetically aligned to bringing what you desire into your life.


For example, you might say...


"Now that I've learned what an unhealthy relationship is, I know what to look for in a healthy, positive and nurturing relationship."


Or, "Years of financial despair has taught me how to save money. I am ready to live in abundance."


Or, "After hiding my true self all of these years, I am ready and confident to shine."


The key is to STEP into that reality.
Who would you be if you were in a healthy, fun-loving relationship? Would you be eating healthier? Exercising more? Feeling more upbeat?

Who would you be if you were living in the financial abundance you have always desired? Would your house be messy? Would your car be messy? Would you be shy and hiding or feel more empowered?

Who would you be if you landed your dream job? Would you feel more confident? More creative? More energized?

STEP INTO THAT NOW. Become that person NOW. Do not wait for the right circumstance to come to you in order to BECOME who you want to be.


BE WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME and you will attract the right circumstance.

If you avoid changing your mindset, you will continue to feed your self-limiting beliefs and you will continue to attract the same situations.

Your self-limiting beliefs are stories, NOT truths.


Use affirmations to help re-program your mindset

Affirmations are a great way to reprogram the "slide show" that is constantly running in your head.


Here is a affirmation you can begin using today:

"Every day I release past limiting beliefs and practice positive new ones."

Repeat this affirmation often, or come up with your own affirmation that will support you in this journey.

Your thinking needs to be reprogrammed when you release your limitations.


The most challenging aspect of managing your life, will be managing your mind.

Continue to journal on what we've already covered, and continue to discover, explore and release your negative thought patterns and beliefs.

Next up, we will be uncovering how our limiting beliefs can show up as fear.



Day 4


Even though you are releasing limiting beliefs like no one’s business, we’re still not in the clear.

The 2 things you’ll learn today are:
1. Limiting beliefs showing up as fear and
2. The trap our mind sets for us

#1 - Beliefs Arising as Fear

Limiting beliefs not only come from the people that were around you as an impressionable child, they can also begin with a comment from a teacher, a coach, a peer, etc. at any point in your life.

All it may take is...
- a high school football player to hear is that he is not fast enough
- a basketball player to hear that he is too short for the game
- an artist to hear that they aren’t imaginative enough
- a musician to hear they have no rhythm

- a peer saying something cruel

These statements can CRUSH dreams in an instance.

But in reality - they are merely another person’s reaction to a performance.

They are not truths.
That person probably did not say you would "be that way for The Rest of Your Life."

Yet, we then create the meaning around the story and believe we are not good enough.

This can translate into:
FEAR of speaking up
FEAR of playing team sports
FEAR of creating
FEAR of trying
FEAR of expressing our true selves

Spend some time thinking about YOUR fears based around yourself.
Do you hold things back?
Are you quiet because you’re afraid to express yourself?
Are you afraid to create?
Are you afraid to be alone?

Think about patterns you’ve been stuck in and try to decipher if there is fear based around your limiting belief.

The more you understand where it comes from, the easier it will be train your conscious mind, release and create new and empowering beliefs.

#2 - The Trap Our Mind Sets For Us

Sometimes we hold onto TWO conflicting beliefs at once.

For example:

If I stay in this relationship, I’ll never be happy and
I’ll never be able to support myself on my own


I need to lose weight and
I don’t have what it takes to lose weight

One belief must go or at least be modified for you to move forward.

The first one is the action shot - it’s what we desire.
The second one basically comes down to "I’m not good enough."

I’m not good enough to succeed in making enough money to be on my own
I’m not good enough to work hard to achieve my goals

You’ve given up before you’ve even tried.

I can speak from experience that when you take a leap of faith on the action shot, you will be surprised at how much the universe will support you. New opportunities will present themselves. Opportunities that you could never had planned for.

Secondly, and more practical than taking a leap of faith, is that you need to take the emotion out of, and TRY it.

Researching will increase your beliefs, that there are opportunities out there, to assist making change in EVERY type of situation.

Allow yourself to explore options. Start small. Get a 2nd job, create things and sell them, start with chair exercises or stretching in bed... there is ALWAYS a way.

If you don't choose to modify one of those beliefs, you will continually be caught in your MIND TRAP.

That is it for our releasing self-limiting belief portion. We are now moving onto Asking. Detaching. and Creating.

If you feel like you need more work on releasing limiting beliefs, check out this link.

This is a free 30 minute release session. I have done this session and can honestly tell you that it works. I released my limiting beliefs within 30 minutes and it's something I refer back to often. A part of my series is based on this because it is by far the best release session I have ever experienced. It was created by the late Morty Lefkoe. He was a brilliant man, his programs are powerful and they work!


Day 4

Day 5


Now that you have released 1,2, or even 10 limiting beliefs, you are ready to ask AGAIN for what you want to call into your life.

There are many formats you can write this out in, but here is one that is powerful and will begin to shift you into an energetic alignment with what you would like to call into your life.

Write a letter, or a journal entry in the present tense as if you have already called in and RECEIVED what you want.


For example...'at my new job my office is gorgeous. The people I work with are amazing. I paid all of my bills with ease, and was able to treat my family to a beautiful dinner and a fun night out. My relationship is full of love and my partner is so thoughtful. etc. etc. etc.


Add in as many details as you can think of in your new life.

The KEY is to WRITE this EVERY DAY.



You don't have to write every detail or a 3-pager every day. But you DO want to write a short version from future you every day.

Write about it daily, visualize it. BELIEVE IT.

When you speak and write about your future matter of factly, you leave no room for it not to happen.


Not only that, but you will begin to act the part. You will begin to raise your vibration. Aligning your energy to what you want it a huge piece of this puzzle.

Want to attract healthy relationships? Be healthy, set boundaries, ignite your inner strength.

Want to attract financial abundance? Start a healthy money practice.

Be CONSCIOUS of your energy. Feel as excited and motivated as you would if it had already happened! RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.

When there is urgency, fear or anxiety around asking, you are blocking your ability to elevate and flow.

You need to feel as though you have already manifested what you want, in order to align with it energetically, before it can become your reality.

Once you have decided what you want to call into your life, you MUST begin treating life now, as if the life you are asking for has already happened.

Want a new car? Treat your old car the way you would treat your brand new beautiful car.

Want a new relationship? Treat yourself the way you would if you were in a brand new fun-loving relationship.

Want more money? Treat your life the way you would if you had more money.

Would your house be a mess? Would you have clutter laying around?

Beautify your space with what you have now, to create the energy to receive what you most desire.

Tomorrow we will dig deeper into aligning the energy of your present day future self.

Day 5

Day 6


If you have stress, anxiety or fear around your calling, you are vibrationally blocking yourself from receiving.

Yes, it can be frustrating and challenging, but REMEMBER, - your conscious mind has to be trained. It’s all about being MINDFUL of your thoughts, your habits, your old ways vs. your new.

You are the CREATOR of your life.

Be who YOU want to CREATE.

Don’t let your limiting beliefs, and someone else’s opinions and stories dictate who you are.

You are amazing.
You are powerful.
You are whole.
You are complete.

Everything you desire lives inside of you RIGHT NOW.
You are the LIGHT.
You are LOVE.

When you start feeling the anxiety and old thought patterns creep in, come back to this message. Feel Good About the Future.

Print it out, put it in your journal, leave it in a place where you can refer back to it, or just look it up on your device.

If you have another message that empowers you - keep that one close by too.

Your conscious mind needs to be trained. We are RE-training with positive affirmations, positive self-esteem and release from the limiting self beliefs.

The anxiety, self-doubt and fear will always be lurking. The KEY is to be mindful of it, and BREATHE THROUGH IT.


Journal exercise:
Journal in detail about what you are calling in.
Journal it in the present moment.

For example:
I LOVE my new job. I have a beautiful office with an amazing view. Everyone I work with is positive and high vibe. The creativity is always flowing. Everyone is all inclusive. There is no drama. My salary is exactly what I asked for and more. I am buying beautiful new clothes for my job which make me feel amazing and empowered.

VISION board:
Want to get even clearer on your calling? Make a vision board. It may sound woo-woo BUT when your mind can SEE what an end result looks like it will get there more quickly because it has a solid direction to go in.


Imagine getting in your car to go somewhere... you want to take a drive but you haven't decided if it will be toward the city, toward the ocean, or toward the mountains. Without a general destination in mind you are likely going to end up driving around your neighborhood and not getting very far.


The mind needs a destination and visuals are powerful.

To create your vision board, you can cut out images and words from magazines. Save them in a folder or glue them to a poster board.

Another simple way to make a vision board is to look up your styles online and find images of exactly what you desire. Screen shot them and collect them in a folder. Make a slideshow or a collage and print it out or watch it EVERY. DAY.


The simplest way I make a vision board is by using Pinterest. I have many boards that have helped me achieve calling in the next level of my life.

Continue to call in what you want. Begin the process of elevating your life NOW to reflect the life you WANT.

Clear your clutter, clear your friendships, exercise, eat healthy, spend time on yourself, etc.

Whatever it is you desire, be sure to begin reflecting that in your every day life right NOW.

Tomorrow we will uncover the energetic shift of detaching.

Day 6
Day 7

Day 7


By now, you have

•cleared self limiting beliefs

• asked for what you want

• written about it in the present tense

• you are repeating mantras daily

• stepping into your NEW reality

• and again, have written about it in the present tense.


Today we are going to learn to detach from it.

Detaching is not obsessing over what you want.

Instead, practice shifting your energy to the person you would be if you had the thing you are calling in.

Practice reframing your mindset on why you want this thing in your life.


This means that what we are calling in, we want, for no other reason, than to fill our hearts, better ourselves and share the love with those around us.

Many times when we are trying to call something new into our lives, like a job, money, or relationship, we can become desperate and even feel angry or bitter.

We want something so badly that we start obsessing about it in our minds. The desperation takes over and our energy is no longer aligned to why we want this thing in the first place.


When I was in my 20's and 30's I was graphic designing full-time as a freelance designer. I created my own design company and committed to freelance so I could travel and not be tied down to a company. It was amazing but there were many times in my business that I was taking jobs with a scarcity mindset. Always fearful that I couldn’t make it work, always fearful that I wouldn’t get more jobs. This mindset also affected my creativity. My designs didn’t flow, EVERYTHING was harder.


Until I began detaching.


I began only taking jobs that excited me. Taking them because I love them, not because of the paycheck. (I also began a serious money practice at that time.)


Only then, is when ALL the positive energy began to flow.

I was designing more quickly, creatively, and efficiently.

I began to receive more job offers.


I was working with a record label, an international music organization, I had my own design business and I was managing a yoga studio.


I merged those 4 things together and began creating epic parties and fundraisers, to support local artists, and the wellness community, bringing my passion under one umbrella - all because I was in the FLOW.


I had called in the exact things that are energetically aligned with my soul - art, music, and wellness.


I detached from my fear around NOT finding the flow.

NOT keeping my head above the water.

NOT receiving enough money.

NOT receiving the love.


And I began to RECEIVE THEM ALL.

I stepped into my self as a creator, a designer, and a business owner. I stepped INTO the person I wanted to become.

Align with your new reality RIGHT NOW in order to call it in.

Be you.

Stop hiding.

Align your energy with what you want to call into your life.

Vibrate at that level.

Detachment is NOT obsessing over what you want.


Alignment is getting into an energetic space where your predominant thoughts feelings and beliefs are ones that would support your ability to receive this one thing.” - Unknown


Don’t get freaked out if you hit a moment of fear and self doubt.


That doesn’t mean all of your mindset work will unravel.


We ALL experience fear and self-doubt.


The people that are the MOST successful in this world experience it THE MOST.


Be mindful of your thoughts and re-patterning.


Remember, your conscious mind has to be trained.

Tomorrow we will explore your self worth, and your sub-conscious thoughts on how you feel about yourself.

Anchor 1

Day 7



You have a little journaling exercise today!

Think of what you are calling into your life. Think about the patterns and blocks you have had around it and why you haven’t received this particular thing before now.

If you didn’t have blocks around it, it would’ve flowed in already, no problem.

Instead of writing the negative and focusing on all the blocks, you are going to write how worthy you are of receiving.

I am worthy of creating from my heart
I am worthy of being exactly who I want to be
I am worthy of being whole
I am worthy of being complete
I am worthy of healthy relationships
I am worthy of success
I am worthy of financial abundance
I am worthy of uninterrupted sleep
I am worthy of love
I am worthy of respect
I am worthy of commitment
I am worthy of being told the truth
I am worthy of living in truth

I often take a negative situation I have in my life and do this I am worthy exercise around it.

I started practicing this exercise when my 4 kids were little. They were all born within 4-1/2 years, so there was a time in my life that was very sleep deprived.

I would sometimes have fear around asking my husband to take a night shift with the babies because he gets up extremely early for work and works very long days.

I would remind myself that I am worthy of sleep
I am worthy to receive help
I am worthy to have a night off
I am worthy of sanity

Instead of focusing on the negative and getting upset that he hadn’t just magically read my mind and jumped in to help, I would remind myself that I AM WORTHY of asking for and RECEIVING his help.

Every time I have done this exercise I have called in exactly what I’ve needed FROM MY HEART.

You too are worthy of ALL you are asking for.

How you achieve anything is how you’ll achieve everything. - Kat Loterzo


Another key to asking, is asking from the heart. The heart has a mind of it's own. That is why you can feel emotions in your heart.


Bring your thoughts down through the heart when you are practicing your I AM WORTHY exercise so you can really feel the compassion you have for yourself and for others.


Bring your thoughts down through the heart when you need to ask for help so you are not feeling bitter or resentful, but true compassion and worth.

Tomorrow is all about the link between deciding and taking action.



Day 8



Get out of your own way and just DECIDE that it IS going to happen.


If you have doubt in your mind, then you have either been calling in something that is too out of reach and you need to scale back to a portion that is in more alignment with your life right NOW




You still have fears and doubts about yourself.





If you’re spinning out of control, your mind is all messed up and you’re wondering how? when? why? why not? who? what? where? WHEN? WHEN? WHEN? HOW? HOW? HOW?


You either BELIEVE something is going to happen. Or you DON’T.
There is no in between.

The conscious mind needs to be trained. You need to continually observe, understand, and release your negative thoughts.

Continually hold on loosely, and not let go.


Continue to DECIDE and DETACH.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF that you are WORTHY of what you want.


Look around you. What do you have in your life? How did it come to be? It came to be because at some point you simply allowed it to be.

The KEY to this - is TAKING ACTION.
You can write your reality.
Release your negative beliefs.

But if you’re only sitting around day dreaming about your desires and not FULLY acting on BEING THE PERSON YOU WANT TO CREATE...

Then you will simply get no where.

You can’t win the race if you don’t run
You can’t lose the weight if you don’t do the work
You can’t play the part in the movie if you don’t fully believe in the character
You can’t CREATE your calling if you don’t ACT THE PART and FULLY BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Call in the real you.
Call in the you that only attracts healthy relationships
Call in the you that only speaks the truth
Call in the you that TAKES ACTION

Take the emotion out of it...

I should go to the gym but I’m so tired.
Just go.

I should finish my work but I don’t feel like it.
Finish it.

I should return these calls but I’m not in the mood.
Return the calls.

The quicker you check stuff off your to do list and TAKE ACTION, the less clutter you have in your mind and the more space you have to RECEIVE new things.

Call in the new magical you. Every. Day.

Only one more day to go.

I would love to know how you did.

Were you able to release your limiting beliefs?
Have you stated clearly and in detail what you want in your life?
Have you upleveled your life NOW to reflect your new life?
Were you able to achieve all of this without anxiety, fear or stress attached to it?

This is a formula you can use for the rest  of your life.

The more you put into it, the more you will receive out of it.

99% of receiving what you want in life is based on showing up and doing the work.

FULLY BELIEVE that you are worth every single thing you desire in your life.

Day 8

Today I'm sharing with you a list of affirmations. Pick one that you can repeat to yourself every day, all day.

Or create your own.
Repeat it often - and FULLY believe in it.

I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them.

I attract success into my life.

I have the power to create my reality.

I am gaining control over my thought patterns.

Attracting success is a normal part of my life.

I find it easy to attract into my life whatever I need.

I am grateful for every gift I receive.

I am wealthy and prosperous in every area of my life.

I attract everything my heart desires with ease and grace.

My heart is open to love.

I only attract healthy relationships.

I am worthy enough to manifest all of my desires.

Money flows easily to me in my life.

My body is always doing it’s best to create perfect health.

I release all fears and doubts.

Are you still in tune to releasing resistance and opening your heart to receiving?

How's it going? Have you experienced any shifts?

Here is an overview of all of the steps we covered. Incorporate these into your daily life and open your heart to abundance.

- Your self limiting beliefs can be hiding as resistance or fear based. Release, release, release! You are a blank canvas. YOU are the creator of your life.

- Be who you want to create now. Your life doesn't create you. You are the Creator of your life. Step into alignment, elevate and live now as you wish to be living in your future.

- DETACH. What you are asking to receive is for no other reason, than to fill your heart, better yourself and share the love with those around you. Detachment is not obsessing over what you want. Alignment is getting into an energetic space where your predominant thoughts feelings and beliefs are ones that would support your ability to receive.


- Clear out physical and mental energy no longer needed on a regular basis. When you aren't in a good mood or good energetic space, observe this without judgement and  Stop, breathe, and release. Your energy and your moods are a choice. CHOOSE EASE + FLOW!

- The conscious mind needs to trained. You need to continually observe, understand and release your negative thoughts. Hold on loosely, but don't let go.

- Take ACTION always - no excuses!

- Incorporate affirmations and mantras into your daily routine. Remember, the conscious mind needs to trained.

You deserve EVERYTHING you desire and the Universe is listening. I promise.

Be conscious of bringing  yourself into energetic alignment daily and you will be pleasantly surprised at all the magic that surrounds you.

Clear it out + Call it in.

You no longer have Resistance around Receiving.


Day 7
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