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A Simple Step-By-Step Method to Help Manage the Anxious Mind

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How would it feel to know a simple method to manage anxious thoughts?

A step-by-step method to teach yourself and the young people in your life!

Change Your Thoughts,
Change Your Life


Knowing how to connect your mind and body to manage your emotions?

Knowing the exact process to help your child manage their negative and anxious thoughts?

Knowing how to interrupt your negative and anxious thought patterns?

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How we communicate and receive information has changed, yet we are still using the same unstructered ways of thinking. Learn a new way to manage your mind with the Whole Body Thinking Method.

Learn this Method, Teach this Method

The Whole Body Thinking Method, is an online self-paced course. This method will help you mange your thoughts and begin to heal your anxiety. The material in this course will create results for both kids and adults. The practices I am teaching in this course are the foundation to what I teach in my one-to-one coaching sessions. (Scroll down for success stories!)


I am thrilled to bring this online so you can learn and practice this on your own. Once you begin your own practice, you will have a very simple formula to teach your children and the young people in your life.

With anxiety and depression continuosly on the rise, it is critical we start practicing a new way of processing information using the mind and body together.

What You Will Learn In This Course:

Session 1: In this session you will learn the simple step-by-step process that explains how to manage your thoughts, emotions, and results. Once you have this formula, it becomes easy to filter out unproductive thoughts. You will also have a quick into our energy centers, also known as the chakras. The energy centers in our body are a built in tool to help us manage our emotions. After you watch video one, you will have the tools to being using the simple Whole Body Thinking Method.


Session 2: You will learn about your primary emotions, why understanding them is important (hint... it's so empowering!), and the powerful impact Whole Body Thinking has your mind. Exciting!!!

Session 3: You will learn to bring awareness to your thoughts and the importance of interrupting negative thought patterns.

Session 4: I will guide you through a simple, but fascinating, lesson on the emotional support system we are all born with, known as the chakras. The chakras store different sets of emotions along your spine, and are intertwined with your nervous system. When you know how to use these energy centers with your mind, you will realize how much power you have to help heal your anxious thought patterns.

Session 5: You will review everything you learned in videos 1, 2, and 3 to be sure you have a clear understanding of how you will put all of this into practice. I absolutely want you to succeed at this practice. The results I am seeing with my clients is amazing and I want you to experience these results too.

You will also receive printable reminders of the methods you learn so you can have a quick visual reference to use when you need it. And, some extra goodies to help manage emotions, understand responsibility, and how to break thought patterns that are not serving you.

Course Bonus


I am so excited to offer you this extra bonus! You will also receive one of our favorite Shine Bright Workshop lessons, on how to gage emotions, and the step-by-step action plan that goes with each stage of emotions.


A Few More Details:

  • This program is for ages 11+

  • There is payment plan option at checkout! (Pay in full, or pay over 2 months!)

  • If you are interested in this program for a child in your life (age 11+) it will be best to watch the videos together so you can help your child practice this simple method 

  • This is a self-paced, online, coaching series

  • You will learn simple techniques to manage anxious and negative thoughts and learn how the mind and body work together around emotions

  • These are methods I use with my one-to-one coaching clients

  • Scroll down for success stories!

Who Should Learn This Method:

This method is great for anyone who is suffers from negative thoughts and an anxious mind.

This method is great for parents, teachers, and coaches who work with kids and adults

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Will it work for me?

You will be successful in this course if you are OPEN to learning new things and OPEN to practicing the very simple formula you will be taught.

Everything in life takes practice, especially re-training your mind. This entire course is the beginning of your new Whole Body Thinking practice. Once you begin this practice and stick with it, over time, your mind will be trained to think with this simple method. The formula you will learn is not hard, but it takes commitment and practice.

All of the videos in this course were made straight to the point. I tried to cut out anything that wasn't straight to the point so you are only getting information you need to help your mind. These sessions are simple enough for kids ages 11+, and impactful enough for adults to get the most of this course as well.

Success Stories:

I am watching in awe as my clients, even my young clients, begin to conquer their fears, and grow their confidence bigger than their anxiety using the Whole Body Thinking method!


They are now:

  • Speaking up in class

  • Speaking more in front of peers

  • Forgiving more easily

  • Letting go of the past

  • Learning more about their passion and goals, now that they aren't so anxious!

  • Asking for help in school and in activities

  • Reframing how they view themselves and seeing the value they hold

  • Conquering fear of flying, and test taking

  • Branching out and making new friends

  • Standing up for themselves, and honoring their differences

  • Letting go of hurt feelings that no longer serve them

  • Have a healthier way of processing information that keeps them in a healthy state of mind


The success stories go on and on, but that is a brief overview of some of the things my clients and I have worked through while practicing this simple formula.

This course is is the foundation of my one-on-one private coaching practice.


I learned a more in depth version of this model geared toward adults that I use daily. Through my own success in practicing, I began using a very simple method with my younger clients to see if it would help them the way it has helped me.

And it has!

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About Me:


My name is Christine Chastanet. I am a life + success coach for children, a reiki master, and a co-founder and creator at Shine Bright Workshops. Shine Bright Workshops is 501c3 that has been bringing mindfulness into classrooms since 2017 in the Greater Boston area.

Most importantly I am a mom of 4 kids who are my OG testers of all the programs I write, teach and coach on. Not only do have I seen great results with my clients, but also with my kids.

The methods you will learn in this course, is the foundation of my one to one client work with both adults and children. We have also introduced these methods in classrooms and school assemblies with Shine Bright Workshops.

Everyone I come across is anxious. And it is so important we learn a different way.

©2022 Christine Chastanet

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