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Create your dream job, make a positive impact in your community, and work your own hours.


Join the Shine Bright Workshops Global Training Program and bring your dream job to life! Our curriculum and training course provides a comprehensive program for teaching mindfulness, emotional awareness, and life skills to children and adults in the classroom and in your community.


With our step-by-step guidance, you will be able to create an inspiring and meaningful career that fits your lifestyle.


Our curriculum has been proven to be effective in helping thousands of people achieve their goals.


So why wait? Submit your application today and join us for the Shine Bright Workshops Global Training Program beginning on March 1st, 2023.

What is Shine Bright Workshops?

Shine Bright Workshops is a 501c3, founded in 2017. Our team has taught thousands of children and adults our mindfulness and emotional awareness curriculum in classrooms and in our Greater Boston community. What makes Shine Bright stand out from other mindfulness workshops is our carefully crafted program that covers 4 different learning styles so we can impact every person in the room.

Where and who we teach:

Classrooms, Dance Studios, Girl Scouts, PTA, Teacher Trainings, One to one life coaching, Online workshops, and more.

Our curriculum

Our curriculum is done for you but has room for you to add your own personal touch, wisdom, and knowledge.

What you will receive in the training:

Our complete curriculum packed with workshops on over 10 topics, that are ready for you to teach straight away including a prop list, and already doen for you worksheets

10 weeks of training in our mindfulness modules

10 weeks of business coaching so you can start your own business using the Shine Bright curriculum or integrate our curriculum into your already existing teaching or coaching business.

A lifetime of community support and collaboration

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