Supporting Your Wellness through Energy Healing, Mindfulness, and Creativity


About Group Coaching for Kids

  • The in person group coaching sessions are currently for grades 2-5

  • We will meet once a week in person, for 12 weeks, at the Shine Bright Reiki and Wellness Studio located in Norwood.

  • Days and times will be determined prior to your commitment.

  • The first session will begin at least one week before Norwood Schools are back in session.

  • Payment plan: 3 payments of $415, paid monthly on pre-determined date

  • or $1200 paid in full

  • Spaces are limited!

  • If you are interested, please scroll to the bottom to fill out an interest form to hold a spot for your child. This form is NOT a commitment to the program!

Session Details

Each small group session will focus on building inner strength. Our inner strength gives us a strong foundation in processing everything happening in our outer world.


Kids will learn and practice mindfulness tools, where emotions live in their bodies, a very simple formula to help the mind process daily situations without anxiety and overwhelm, how to handle the ups and downs of the day, and so much more.


Each week will we will practice these techniques to continue to build inner strength and emotional awareness.

There will be a lot of fun learning, discussion and sharing! The sharing piece is up to the children, based on how comfortable they are talking in a group. Children are NOT required to share to participate in group coaching. For kids that are shy, it typically takes 2-3 weeks before they start opening up. It's amazing to see this transformation as they begin to break barriers in their own inner strength.


Every session will also incorporate a piece of creativity as this is the key to re-routing the anxious mind into a creatively centered mind, to balance the nervous system.

Most importantly, theses sessions will be fun, providing a small safe space for kids to decompress, and feel at ease while they learn about their powerful mind body connection.


Spaces are limited!

If you are interested in this program, I encourage you to fill out a short form by clicking the button below to hold a tentative space for your child. This form is NOT a commitment to the program.