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Supporting Your Wellness through Energy Healing, Mindfulness, and Creativity



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Kids Reiki + Mindfulness Session

These sessions help kids connect to their confidence and manage their worries. We explore their troubles and reach their goals through mindfulness, energy work, and creativity

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Adult Intuitive Reiki Session

Release your stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm and come back into a more open heart, lighter mind, and brighter spirit through reiki and intuitive energy guidance

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Kids Life + Success Coaching, Ages 11+

My life coaching sessions are powerful evaluation tools that will  help your child explore how to relieve stress and connect to their inner confidence with proven strategies and FUN!

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Shine Bright Workshops Inc.

At Shine Bright Workshops, we are passionate about sharing the teachings of how to create a more mindful and stress-free lifestyle at home, in the classroom, and in the office. 

Additional Services

Intuitive Life Coaching for Women

Intuitive Business Coaching for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Parent + Client Love

"Christine.. My daughter loves your sessions. You have no idea how huge this is! Thank you so much!!! She has recommended you to her brother. He wants in! Thanks again!!!" Love, Jess

"Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I am shifting so quickly. I'm already feeling changes in my mind and body! I'm feeling so grounded and am continuing to be encouraged to release a whole bunch of energy that has been with me forever. Thank you!!!! Love Stephanie

"Christine - Thank you for spending so much time with me today. It was an amazing session and I already feel some blocks and insecurities being released. I definitely have a path that is unique and you are by far the best fit to help me on it!" Love, Laney


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Mom, Kids Life Coach, Energy Healer, Artist

I bought my first energy healing book at the age of eleven and have been studying ever since.


I love passing on the teachings and wisdom of the power of our mind, body, and spirit through the ancient system of the chakras. This emotional map that lives inside all of us is a key piece in learning how to manage stress today by using a method of whole body thinking.

Through this method, reiki, and creativity, I watch my students and clients transform, and begin to thrive again.


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